Ako Insurance Consulting

The Process

Ako Insurance Consulting is committed to helping your organization develop a true, intercultural workplace through recruitment and retention of Black insurance professionals. Our attention is laser focused on helping organizations understand the specific and unique value of diversity as well as the needs of their current and future Black employees. Ako’s devotion to the success of Black talent is further exhibited by offering awareness and training programs and specific professional development recommendations for your organization to help your culturally-diverse employees thrive and grow.

1-2-3 Data-Driven Solutioning: 

  • To begin, Ako leverages employee feedback to analyze how your Black employees rate the organization’s performance in the recruitment process and its retention offerings/platform. Through The Future Path Activity © platform powered by Yellowbrick.me, Inc., we take an in-depth look at these factors and their combined impacts on length of employment and satisfaction for Black employees. 

  • With these insights, Ako provides your organization with an analysis and data dashboard, assigning a letter grade to the organization’s cultural competence  in recruitment and retention of this employee population.   

  • Once this information is received, Ako can provide your organization with credible strategies and tangible recommendations to improve the recruitment and retention of quality Black talent. These skills will help your organization strengthen existing efforts by your in-house Human Resources, Community Support and Professional Development teams.  Plus, Ako  can leverage this data for new employees to assess their satisfaction at the 90-day mark to aid in real-time professional development and sustainable correction, if needed.   

Partner with Ako to help close the diversity talent gap in your organization!