Ako Insurance Consulting

T h e

S y n d i c a t e

A syndicate is “a group of individuals combined to promote some common interest.” Ako Insurance Consulting’s interest is the diversification and increased representation of Black talent in the insurance industry. To advance this interest, Ako Insurance Consulting has aggregated a group of individuals…a team of experts who are committed to the effort…also known as The Ako Syndicate.

These individuals have the expertise and the experience to deliver intentional solutions to employers to enhance their diversity, recruiting and retention initiatives. With data and analytics at the center of our process, Ako can help create stronger, more competitive and intercultural organizations.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Joelle is the founder of ExecMommyGroup, an inclusion, public speaking/communication, leadership and coaching practice with a focus on Diversity and Inclusion.  Leveraging decades of experience in the corporate sector, including the insurance industry, Joelle combines inspiration, “real talk” and lived experiences to facilitate dialouge and strategic solutions to organizational challenges.  

Omari Aarons

Omari has been a disruptive leader and transformation coach his entire career. He founded Aarons Group, LLC earlier this year, a comprehensive consulting solution that focuses on culture change management, ERG / BRG strategy development, diversity and inclusion sponsorship and executive coaching. Omari’s work connects consumer demand with rising employee expectations for workplaces to be representative of the populations they serve and are embedded with the innovation mindsets needed for effective leadership.

Estelle Acquah

Estelle is an expert policy and #raceequity leadership professional, with over 14 years of experience in the non-profit, public, and private sectors.  She is deeply passionate about #socialjustice, and works with teams and organizations to build learning cultures rooted in equity. As founder of Aya Advisors, LLC, Estelle works with individuals and organizations to build the knowledge, skills, and mindsets to disrupt systemic barriers to equity and inclusion within themselves and their organizations. As an expert race equity facilitator and group coach, Estelle convenes a dynamic and engaging learning experience that cultivates cultural transformation and growth towards racial justice and liberation.