Ako Insurance Consulting

The Ako Advantage

Today’s job market is noticeably different.  Due to the Black Lives Matter movement and the coronavirus pandemic, two very climatic and impactful events, companies around the world are facing challenges like never before. Diversifying the workforce is no longer ideal or just a Human Resources goal – it is become an imperative component of every organization’s future.  The insurance industry is no different.  

The task is not easy.  Many insurance employers struggle with how they will diversify in an industry that has historically struggled to do so at all hierarchical levels, particularly in executive leadership positions. However, for those looking for their next career move, the struggle exists finding an employer that understands the challenges and cultural sensitivities of skilled Black insurance professionals.

You can trust Ako Insurance Consulting to overcome these barriers.  In Igbo, a native language of Nigeria, Ako means wisdom. Our firm uses this quality, along with experience and a strong industry knowledge to guide Talent Seekers as they fulfill their hiring needs and develop and retain Black talent. Ako also uses these attributes to help Talent identify and secure positions within organizations that value their diverse attributes and best align them with opportunities for career growth and longevity.  

As the demand for diverse and inclusive teams increases, Ako has the skills, resources and wisdom needed to help build intercultural organizations and a more diverse insurance industry for the future.  This is the Ako Advantage.