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The Conference

Black women have the power to change the insurance industry. The Black Women of the Insurance Industry 2022 Sisterhood Conference is bringing us together to do just that. The conference takes place February 23rd – 25th virtually and will feature nationally recognized Black women in the insurance industry leading our charge. This is our space, our industry and our time. Register now to be a part of our movement.

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The Agenda

This unique event focuses on the intersectionality that exists between the personal and professional lives of Black Women of the Insurance Industry.  It will explore how to effectively create alignment that will allow them to be authentically confident in all aspects of their being.

The event will coach attendees to recognize the importance of self-validation and the validation of other Black Women of the Insurance Industry, in order to build strength, resilience, and courage. Recognizing that there are inherent qualities in Black Women that make them ideal changemakers, the event will also equip attendees with tools to use the professional and personal trauma that they’ve experienced to foster empathy instead of anger.  Additionally, the conference will assist the Black Women in attendance with identifying strategies that leverage their Sisterhood as a Superpower.

The conference will feature Keynote Speakers who are Black Female Pioneers in our industry, and establish a call-to-action encouraging every Black Women of the Insurance Industry to do their part. Agenda available via the link.

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